The Podcaster's Solution

Affiliates FAQ

If I send you a referral, how much Is the revenue share and when will I receive my payout?

For each successful sale you’ve made for us, you will get anywhere between 5 – 15 percent amount of that sale, and that’s dependent on the offer.

Instead of revenue share, can my referrals get a discounted rate?

Yes, the discounts will range between 5 and 15%.

When should I expect to receive my earnings?

The payouts are on a quarterly basis.

As a partner, do I qualify for a discounted rate on The Podcaster’s Solution services?

Yes, partners qualify for discounts that range between 7% and 15%.

How do I track my sales? tracked?

You will be able to find your link in your affiliate dashboard after you signup as an affiliate and your application is approved by our team. In your Affiliate Dashboard go to the Creative Tab and copy your referral Link from there and start promoting it.