The Podcaster's Solution


The Audio Editing Only Package...



Want the true essence of your professionalism and expertise captured in your podcast? Just give me the raw recordings!

You have your raw podcast episodes recorded and need them to sound like the professional you are. Let me take your audience on a journey where every word resonates, every pause speaks volumes, and every piece of advice is delivered with a profound sense of care. 

Investment starts at: $480 (inclusive of 4 episodes per month.)

Or better yet:

The Audio Podcast Management Package...


Once you put away the mic after recording, every
other task is left to me!

As a business owner with a well-established podcast, my mission is to enhance the performance of your show. Through my monthly production management services, I aim to relieve you of any operational burdens, allowing you to focus on what matters most without the overwhelm of podcast post-production.

Investment starts at: $900 (inclusive of 4 episodes per month.)


Or you can have it all:

The Audio + Video Podcast Management Package...


Once you shut down your camera after recording, every
other task is left to me!

As busy entrepreneur, you want your audience to get the most out of your podcast. And you know launching an audio + video podcast is what will make you achieve that. I’m here to bring that dream into reality. I’ll manage all aspects of your audio/video podcast, enabling you to focus on your zone of genius. 

Investment starts at: $1100 (inclusive of 4 videos + 4 audios per month.)

And for repurposing purposes:

Optional Addons

Investment starts at: $200/episode

Ready to outsource your podcast
management tasks?