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Do you have a close-knit community that would benefit from our podcast production services and qualify to be our ideal client? If yes, let's talk about how we can partner up and create an additional stream of income for you.


About our referal program.

The Podcaster’s Solution referral program is a program that provides an opportunity to B2B businesses in the clinical field to earn an additional stream of income while promoting our services to your community through your blogs, videos, social media pages, groups etc.

Our services are specifically tailored to cater for private practice owners in the mental health space. If your community aligns to who our clientele is, you are qualified to be a partner. Reach out to us to forge that partnership. 


Become a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Podcaster's Solution Referral Program.

For each successful sale you’ve made for us, you will get $100 off the Podcast Launch Package (a one time payout.) 

Yes, if this what you opt for, anyone you refer will get $90 off the launch package.

The payouts are on a monthly basis.

Strategic partnerships are what lead to business growth. Let's be partners.